Quincentenary Belltower

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Pawnee Park, Columbus, NE 68601, United States
650-698 Lincoln Highway Columbus Nebraska 68601 US

The Quincentenary Belltower in Pawnee Park was officially dedicated on April 25, 1992. As a lasting monument to the community’s celebration of the Quincentenary, the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ first voyage to the New World, the project is a testament to the community spirit of Columbus. The project was made a reality through the generous donation of ten bells from the collection of Leonard Fleischer and countless volunteers and donations. Each of the bells has area historical significance and a plaque near each tower tells of the bell’s history.

In looking at the Belltower one notices the airy transparency of the structure. This was intentional in the concept by Craig Dunham. There is a lot of deep meaning in the structure’s design as Dunham explained “the first goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing structure for the display of the various bells chosen for the project. The stepped back setting showcases a visual transparency that creates an interesting backdrop for the display of Christopher Columbus’ expedition…the journey was successfully illustrated by superimposing a map of Columbus’ journey with a method that could be easily understood by all.”

IMG_3625 (1500x603).jpg 4 years ago
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