Lincoln Highway – Evans Hotel

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The Evans Hotel, now renamed the Park Plaza, was constructed in 1913 along the original route of the Lincoln Highway through downtown Columbus.  The Evans Hotel was first established in 1912 by a group of Columbus business and professional men, including George A. Scott, Doctor C.D. Evans, Theodore Friedhof, J.C. Echols and G.W. Phillips.  The building was erected at a cost of over $100,000.  The four-story brick hotel was formally dedicated on December 2, 1913.  Three floors housed 75 sleeping rooms.  For more than 50 years the Evans Hotel was Columbus’ leading hotel.

The name of the hotel is still on the capstone and the structure appears as much as it was pictured in the 1924 Road Guide.

The building now houses small businesses and apartments.

  • 27th Avenue & 13th Street